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Clash Of Clans Glitch, Tips, Hack, Cheats , Tricks, Strategy & MoreWhat is Clash Of Clans Glitch?Clash Of Clans is a game for SuperCell inc. And it's a Mobile strategy online game, appear to be one of the most hard to kick games craze these days. Clash of Clans, a free to play accept the actual genre,  enables players to raid each other's villages along with barbarians, wizards and pissed off dragons. We're back to aid you in your run to the top of game's leaderboards. Here's the best tips, glitch, hack and cheats you need to know for Clash of Clans.And here I will show you some Glitch, tips, hack, cheats ,tricks and more.and for the hack we have Clash Of Clans Hack Online and it's a hack that offer a Gems  for your Clash Of Clans game online, you don't need to any software and no need to experience, we offer a gems to our coummunite, The premium currency of the game is Gems and it can be used to purchase extraordinary items that cannot be purchased by Gold. Our hack will help you to get a free amounts of Gems at a click of your mouse,Clash Of Clans hack now is Online and no need to any software that will not work,just get your gems for your Clash Of Clans game Online and enjoy.  Clash Of Clans Hack How to get start with clash of clans and began with success?1. Know Which Resources to Raid During Multiplayer Battles.During the multiplayer skirmishes you'll no doubt be a part of, there's a certain percentage of resources that are obtainable from certain item drills/storage locations: - 100-percent of whatever's stored in the Town Hall - 75-percent of the Dark Elixirs stored in Dark Elixir Drills - 50-percent of whatever's stored in the gold/elixir collectors - 20-percent of whatever's stored in the gold/elixir storage (up to 198,000) - 5-percent of the Dark Elixirs stored in the Dark Elixir Storage (up to 2,000) The overall available loot is reduced though if your opponent's Town Hall level is lower than your's. But if your opponent's Town Hall level is higher than your level, the loot amount you get for a victory will garner a nice increase.2. Defend Your Base With A Bunch of WallsOnce you start the game, you'll have access to wooden walls. These walls come in at a pretty low level (level one), which means they're not worth much when high-level barbarians come barging into your base. Try to upgrade these wooden walls to level three as fast as possible (attain for level four or five if you can, too). These walls will end up being your strongest defense, so make sure you purchase all the available walls within your level. Place these walls all around your base so that no opening pathways are available for entry. Let those attackers break down your walls and struggle; don't let them ease on in without much trouble because you mistakenly left a lane open.3. The Low Level Trophy Farming SolutionOne of the easiest and laziest ways of farming in clash of clans is by lowering your trophies to under 200 and farming with goblins. The match-making system in clash of clans uses your amount of trophies to find an enemy. When a player is still low level they won't have a lot of trophies. This way we can use this match-making system to our benefit by lowering our trophies and getting easy opponents. Of course, the loot will be less, so that's why we're going to use less troops as well. Goblins are one of the cheapest troops, and we only need about 20-40 goblins to raid at least 30k gold and elixir from a very badly protected village. As you can see on the picture here, there's 87k gold and 58k elixir available, while there's only a level 1 cannon there to protect it! I only had to use 25 goblins to steal all of his gold and elixir. To lower your trophies it's always very basic. Train goblins only and just start looking for battles, but we're going to be using a little bug. I wouldn't call it abusing because we're just giving away our trophies, and all this little glitch is going to do is speed up the process. So when you battle, you usually skip a lot of fights until you find the right one. But when you're dropping trophies you're going to be using 1 goblin on every village you see, but this would still take a very long time if you had to load your own village after every battle, so here's a step-by-step explanation of how the 'glitch' works: - Find a match - Hold your finger on the 'next' button - Drop 1 goblin - Quickly after deploying release the 'next' button4. Keep Your Trophies Even After Ending A Battle PrematurelyIf you're ready to wave the white flag before the start of a tough raid, just go on ahead and end the battle. You'll keep your trophies as long as you don't deploy any troops or cast any spells. Make sure the "Surrender" option isn't visible, either!Next Page§